Air Brush Make-up

A Premium Make-up technique which offers a long-lasting and perfect finish

Unmatched Perfection

The perfection given by airbrush make-up is simply unmatched. If you are looking for a unique and perfect look for your wedding, this is the perfect option for you.

Takes Only A Short While And Stays All Day

Normal wedding make-up would take anything upwards of two hours. However, with Air Brush, you can complete your wedding make-up in less than an hour! Besides, your make-up stays all day – you won’t have to worry about touch-ups!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you elaborate about the Air Brush Make-up package?

We usually get enquiries about the air-brush make-up package for weddings. However, it can be used for high-profile parties, and other events where the perfection of your looks is of utmost importance. Typically, if the air-brush make-up is used for a wedding, the following would be included as part of the package:

  • Air-Brush Make-up for face and nearby areas.
  • Hair arrangement/hair decoration
  • 3 or more Saree draping options

Are Pre-Wedding treatments included as part of the Air Brush Package?

Not really. While our make-up packages do not offer skincare treatments, we can definitely refer to our partners who would be able to assist you with skin-care treatments at competitive rates.

Do you offer a Free Trial for Air Brush make-up?

Unfortunately, no. Due to the costs involved in Air Brush make-up, we are unable to offer a free airbrush trial at this time. Nevertheless, if you want to meet at try out different looks (without using an air-brush gun), we can work something out for sure!
Free trial for Air-Brush make-up is now available! Call/WhatsApp us at +91-8848673432 to know more!

How much does Air-Brush make-up cost?

Air-brush make-up is a premium service we offer – so the costs may be on the higher side, as compared to our traditional make-up packages. Nevertheless our packages are competitively priced. Compared to the quality of the looks it delivers at the end of the day, we honestly feel that it’s going to be value for money!

Can you do make-up for my wedding as well as for my engagement?

Sure! We can either do air-brush for both events – or we can do air-brush just for the wedding. Do hit us up, and we’d be happy to clarify things for you.

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