Party Make-up

Make-up for Parties, Engagements, Special Events And More...

Customizable As Per Your Requirements

Each function is unique, and the final look depends on a lot of factors. We are open to your suggestions, and would be happy to work with you to bring out that dream look – which will make you the star of your party!

Trial Requests Are Considered

While trials are not part of the party make-up packages, we offer, we can consider them on a case-by-case basis – especially, if you have a unique look that needs additional work from our end.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services offered in the party make-up package?

The services offered include:

  • Make-up for your face and adjoining areas.
  • Hair arrangement/decoration
  • Saree draping (if required)

Are there different types of Party Make-up Packages?

Yes. For our base package (which is budget-friendly), we use professional brands (like PAC) for make-up. We also have a high-end bridal package where we use premium, as well as  imported make-up brands like MAC, Morphe, NYX Cosmetics, Colourpop Cosmetics, among others. Nevertheless, despite of the brand we use, we always ensure that we use products that are of high quality – ensuring good finish and perfection.

Are pre-wedding skin treatment services (like facial, clean-up etc) included in the package?

Not really. While our make-up packages do not offer skincare treatments, we can definitely refer to our partners who would be able to assist you with skin-care treatments at competitive rates.

Do you offer a Free Trial for Party Make-up?

Free trial is not a part of the standard party make-up package. However, we can consider offering it on a case-by-case basis wherein your requirements are super-specific/complex etc. The final decision on this rests with the make-up artist (Archana).

What are the costs involved?

We don’t have a fixed package as such, and costs depend on your requirements. We have make-up packages for clients of all budgets and the prices for our make-up packages are available on request. Give me a call/text/WhatsApp message at 08848673432, drop me a mail at, or even send an enquiry through this page. I’d be happy to revert at the earliest with more details.

Would you be able to make-up multiple people for the same event/party?

If you are asking about make-up for relatives/friends on the day of the event (as part of the same booking), yes – we can do this at an extra, but discounted cost. Do mention this when you send your enquiry, and I’d be happy to clarify.

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